Diversity of Marine Forests

Global patterns of genetic diversity of macroalgae forests.

Intra-specific genetic diversity reflects species’ evolutionary capacity to evolve and adapt to new conditions, and therefore its conservation is key for their resilience to ongoing and future climate change. We predicted genetic diversity hotspots for >400 marine forest of large brown algae.

The mapped biodiversity patterns can serve as baselines to guide conservation planners in allocating resources to maximize the benefits of ocean management.

Allelic richness hotspots of large brown algae


Expected heterozigocity hotspots of large brown algae


Regions of higher genetic diversity for multiple species are along the coasts of Northeastern Pacific, Northeastern Atlantic and Southern Australia.

The patterns of genetic diversity match global patterns of species richness, stressing the role of climate stability as a common driver shaping marine forest biodiversity from genes to ecosystems.

The information provided is available for download at the species level to assist conservation and managment strategies.