Biodiversity data comes from a variety of sources and is stored in a variety of formats and software platforms. To promote interoperability, a consistent perspective of these varied data sources is a necessary step toward comprehending global patterns of biodiversity. This led to the development of Darwin Core Archive, a data standard for publishing and integrating biodiversity data definitions with a common terminology. It offers a dictionary of terminology designed to make biological diversity information easier by giving IDs, labels, and definitions. The Darwin Core is mostly based on taxa and their natural occurrence as evidenced by observations, specimens, samples, and other data.

Graphical interface for biodiversity data

DWC-GUI (Darwin Core Archive Graphical Interface Made Easy) is a tool developed in Django (Pyhton) to help biologists, citizens and politicians query and visualise biodiversity data in a easy and fashion way.

Open source code (Django, Pyhton) can be accessed at